About the MultiTracks

MultiTracks contain all the different musical elements that make up the recording of a song. Many churches use MultiTracks to add extra parts to their live worship team or to add missing parts when musicians are not available.

With MultiTracks For Worship, churches of all sizes can benefit from this exciting technology.

Our MultiTracks are produced especially for use in church. They are simple for musicians to integrate with thanks to the included click and cue tracks. They are also natural for your congregation to sing with due to their friendly keys and arrangements.


If you have previously used iSingWorship or Worship Lyric Videos in your church, this is the perfect way to incorporate live musicians using arrangements that your congregation will already be familiar with.

It also makes a great rehearsal tool and is a simple way of learning any individual parts for a song. Compatible chord charts are also available (find out more)

MultiTracks For Worship come in high quality WAV format and can be loaded into any major DAW software such as Ableton Live, GarageBand (free for MacOS users), LogicPro, Pro Tools, Cubase, Studio One, Digital Performer and others.

MultiTracks For Worship is a partner of The Worship Zone Ltd

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