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Getting Started

What can I use to play Multitracks For Worship?

MultiTracks For Worship can be played in many apps including:

Ableton Live


Bitwig Studio



Digital Performer

FL Studio

Fly Worship


Logic Pro


PreSonus Studio One

Prime (from Loop Community)

Pro Tools


Worship Backing Band

Worship Band-in-Hand

WorshipSong Band

Using MultiTracks For Worship with the free WorshipSong Band app:

Using MultiTracks For Worship with Prime from Loop Community:

Getting Started With MultiTracks For Worship

MultiTracks For Worship

MultiTracks For Worship are useful if a musician (or a number of musicians) are not available to play as you can add any missing individual parts. Even if you have a full team of musicians, MultiTracks will add some extra colours to your sound. Add a loop, some keyboard sounds or an additional electric guitar part to bring interest, variety and dynamics. Many larger churches are already using MultiTracks and with the launch of MultiTracks For Worship, churches of all sizes can now access this exciting technology.

How do I play your MultiTracks?

​MultiTracks For Worship come in high quality, lossless WAV format and can be loaded into any major DAW software such as Ableton Live, LogicPro, Pro Tools, Cubase, Studio One and others. We also recommend the free WorshipSong Band app from our friends at WorshipSong or Prime from our friends at Loop Community.

How do I split the audio output?


​If you don’t have access to an audio interface, you can still separate the musical parts from the click and guide tracks by panning them to different sides of the stereo output. You can then connect the split output from your laptop to your mixing desk and send any audio you need into your PA whilst sending the click and guide tracks to your musicians. Any member of your team wanting to hear the click and guide tracks will need in-ear monitoring so that the congregation only hears the music.

Using MultiTracks with your worship team


​Extensive rehearsal time is always to be encouraged, especially when new technology is involved. Rehearsing outside of the service situation can make all the difference giving everyone in the team time to familiarise themselves with the technology. This is especially important if you are using Multitracks for the first time. For example, playing with a click track or hearing additional parts can take some getting used to. However, once everyone is familiar with the way the resource works, it can open up many new creative and inspiring possibilities.

Song keys

​We recommend using the default keys from 'MultiTracks For Worship' as these have been designed for mixed congregations. However, nearly all DAW software is capable of transposing the audio into different keys if required.

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