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Drum Kit

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What's included with the MultiTracks?
    Each MultiTrack contains all the separate instrument and vocal parts in lossless WAV format as well as a click track and guide track containing song cues. Also included is a text file containing information about the song including tempo, key, time signature, a list of all the tracks, a list of all the song sections (with bar numbers) and relevant copyright information.
  • Is there a free MultiTrack available for me to try out?
    Yes, please visit this page for a free MultiTrack to try with your system.
  • Can I preview the entire song (with vocals) to check the arrangement or share it with my team?
    Yes, absolutely. All our recordings can be found on the major digital music services such as Spotify, YouTube Music and Apple Music. You can find out more on this page:
  • I am having problems with the purchase or download of the MultiTracks, what should I do?"
    MultiTracks For Worship are sold by the online retailer Wayopay. If you have any issues to do with your purchasing, billing or downloading, please email and they will be able to help you.
  • Can I use these MultiTracks for streaming our services over the internet?
    Yes, to do this you will need the CCLI Streaming Plus license. That license covers every song in our library and is the only license you need. You can find out more from CCLI here
  • Can I get a compatible chord chart to use with my MultiTracks?
    Yes, these are available from this site:
  • Can I get a compatible lyric video to run inside my DAW so that my congregation can see the song words displayed in time with the MultiTrack?
    Yes, these are available from
  • Can I use these songs to make my own album or cover version to be sold or streamed online?
    Please contact us giving us full details of which song(s) you want and how you want to distribute them and we will do our best to help.
  • I have noticed a problem with one of the MultiTracks, can this be updated?"
    If you notice any issues, please contact us using the form below and we will investigate and issue a free update where necessary.
  • Can I vote for a particular song(s) to be produced?
    Yes, please visit this page if you have a particular song you would like.

If you cant find the answer to your question above, please contact us using this form:

Thanks for submitting!

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